Walk Festival Hall

4015 N. Lake Creek Drive #100
Wilson, Wyoming 83014


The Grand Teton Music Festival’s all-wooden performance facility, Walk Festival Hall, is acclaimed by listeners and performers alike for its superb acoustics and intimate atmosphere. Walk Festival Hall offers the ideal combination of clear sightlines, comfortable seating, and a warm acoustic. Amphitheater style seating rises in a fan-shaped arc from a spacious stage, and offers 685 fixed seats. Several hundred people can be accommodated for on-stage banquets and receptions, and a flexible, professional sound system has the capability to play pre-recorded program material and sound reinforcement of the spoken voice. The building’s form, vaulting 65 feet high, and its rustic materials make it blend harmoniously into its beautiful setting on the lower slope of the Teton range.

Phone: 307-733-3050
Fax: 307-739-9043
Email: gtmf@gtmf.org


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