De Horst Estate

De Horst 1 3971 KR Driebergen P.O. Box 88
Driebergen 3970 AB
The Netherlands

In the heart of the Netherlands, in the Driebergen woods, lies the historic De Horst Estate. Here, the outlines are visible of what will grow into the first village of knowledge-cum-cultural center in the Netherlands. A contemporary campus where knowledge-based companies and organizations find their office space, where professionals and entrepreneurs gather to meet and to learn with and from each other. In this village, developing and sharing knowledge will be encouraged and facilitated to the full. To learn, to work, to conduct business, to meet, to relax: all will be possible.

Tel +31 (0)343 55 64 55
Fax +31 (0)343 55 60 01


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