Centro Stefano Franscini

Via Collina 84
Monte Verita, Ascona CH-6612


The Centro Stefano Franscini is the congress centre of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich (ETH Zurich) situated at Monte Verità since 1989. It is an ideal meeting point for all members of the international scientific community who wish to discuss the state of the art and new challenges of any field of research.

The CSF supports 20 – 25 international conferences yearly and, since 2010, up to 10 winter doctoral schools (ETH Winter Schools@Monte Verità). A Call for Proposals is published every year at the end of Spring (deadline for applications: mid January of the following year). Such events are expected to last 3 or 5 days and should attract an international audience of 50 -110 conferees.

The CSF avails of the Monte Verità Foundation for all on-site facilities: various conference rooms for up to 110 people, a hotel with 25 single bedrooms and 27 (usually shared) double bedrooms, a restaurant with panoramic view, a park with a historical heritage (former vegetarian community) and a museum about the history of Monte Verità (presently being renovated).

The CSF is also open to the local public with some outreach events in the contexts of its conferences and/or Monte Verità's cultural programme called "Racconti al Monte" ("Tales at Monte Verità"): lectures, films, plays, programmes in collaboration with radio and television, etc.).

Tel. +41 91 785 40 55 (Ascona) / +41 44 632 25 00 (Zürich)

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