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A Premier Society for physicians, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs dedicated to the continually evolving field of artificial organs. Formed in 1955 to “promote the increase of knowledge about artificial internal organs and of their utilization,” it was the forum for first presentations about devices replacing the function of kidneys, hearts, lungs, pancreas and other organs. In 1955 Dr. L.W. Bluemle Jr. said, “I think we realized for the first time that we did have soul mates in an important field.” The same is true today. In the words of Dr. Thomas Depner, “ASAIO is a way of thinking, an orientation, an attitude, or a state of mind that promotes scientific investigation and innovation for the good of people who need artificial internal organs.”

Now through the work of its 800 members, the Annual Conference, the peer reviewed ASAIO Journal, and close cooperation with sister societies in Europe and Japan, ASAIO provides unique opportunities for young investigators to interact with established experts and sponsoring companies. Due largely to ASAIO and its members, artificial hearts, lungs, kidneys, blood vessels and joints are now in common practice and entire new fields of clinical medicine have emerged, including nephrology, cardiac and vascular surgery, transplantation and intensive care.


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