Survival Skills for Today's Gynecologist: New York, USA, 20-22 April 2018
Survival Skills for Today's Gynecologist

Survival Skills for Today's Gynecologist

New York, USA
20-22 April 2018

Want to make a decent and honest living as a gynecologist? This practical course stresses how to enhance your day-to-day office GYN practice with relevant, important procedures and therapies that are easy to master, comfortable to incorporate and solidly reimbursable. Upgrade your skills and clinical approach to meet the needs of your gynecologic patients for the future. Feel good about offering comprehensive, up-to-date information and services that will expand your gynecologic practice while making it more enjoyable and rewarding for you. Whether solo or a group, this course will change the way you practice medicine.

Physician: USD 995
Single Day: USD 795

Speakers: Steven Goldstein, James Simon, Ted Anderson, Christopher Comstock, Neeraj Kohli, Lisa Larkin, Mark Spitzer

Time: 7:00 am to 12:45 pm

Category:Conferences, Science, Health and Medicine
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