28th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases

Nice, France
May 4-8, 2010
Topic: Paediatric 
Organizer: Kenes International 
Organization: ESPID 
Official Language: English 
ESPID Board: Ulrich HeiningerPresident 
 Maria TsoliaSecretary 
 Fabian SchumacherTreasurer 
 Christoph AebiMember 
 Robert CohenMember 
 Anne VergisonMember 
Committee: Robert CohenScientific and Local Organising Committee, Chair 
 Emmanuel GrimprelScientific and Local Organising Committee 
 Daniel FloretScientific and Local Organising Committee 
 Hervé HaasScientific and Local Organising Committee 
 Philippe MinodierScientific and Local Organising Committee 
 Josette RaymondScientific and Local Organising Committee 
 Yannick AujardFrench Group of Pediatric Infectious Diseases 
 Dominique GendrelFrench Group of Pediatric Infectious Diseases 
Sponsor: gskPlatinum Sponsor 
 RochePlatinum Sponsor 
 PfizerPlatinum Sponsor 
 Novartis VaccinesPlatinum Sponsor 
 Astra ZenecaGold Sponsor 
 BaxterGold Sponsor 
 MedlmmuneGold Sponsor 
 Sanofi Pasteur MSDGold Sponsor 
Exhibitor: ArcDia 
 Binding Site 
 bioMérieux Clinical Diagnostics 
 Novartis Vaccines 
 Pediatric Oncall 
 Sanofi Pasteur MSD 
 Statens Serum Institut 
 The Hague 
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