Cell & Gene Exchange

Cell & Gene Exchange

Washington, DC, USA
22-23 May 2017

Explore partnership opportunities, exchange ideas, and network with the goal of advancing the development of potentially curative therapies for life-threatening diseases.

Join us and gain insight from leaders in the cell and gene sector on critical benchmarks in development, details on recent trends and deal making.

Launch partnerships to take your company/asset to the next level.
Connect with pharma and finance partners to propel your company.
Access startup and biotech innovation.
Discover the most innovative ideas in biotech.
Get noticed by development, funding and commercialization partners.

The Cell & Gene Exchange brings together leaders from patient advocacy groups, industry, academia and government to network, exchange ideas and explore partnership opportunities. This partnering conference will facilitate conversations among patient groups and key stakeholders to advancing potentially curative therapies for life-threatening diseases.

Standard: USD 1295
Non-profits, Government and Academia: USD 395

Speakers: Ron Bartek, Thomas Bollenbach, Lucie Bruijn, Anna Chrisman, Boro Dropulic, Karin Hehenberger, Avi Kulkarni, Bruce Levine, John Maslowski, Tim Miller, Kimberly Noonan, Emile Nuwaysir, Matthew Patterson, Isai Peimer, Robert Preti, Isabelle Riviere, Morrie Ruffin, Phil Vanek, Michael Werner, Wendy White

Organizer: Informa 
Topic: Cell 
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