BioData Congress West: San Francisco, California, USA, 26-27 April 2017
BioData Congress West

BioData Congress West

San Francisco, California, USA
26-27 April 2017

The two day congress will feature case study applications of Big Data and Genomics to drive precision medicine into the clinic through the assembly of the multidisciplinary cohort involved in the delivery of the Precision Medicine, the event will cover a range of different topics including:

• How to manage data generated in bioinformatics
• Big data and precision medicine
• Artificial Intelligence in drug development
• How to utilise NGS to develop more targeted therapeutics
• How to practically apply genomic data in precision medicine
• Utilizing the Cloud for collaborative research
• Developing secure information systems
• Ethical considerations in the sharing of genomic data
• How to transition big data into the clinic
• How to access open source technologies in LS research
• How to apply big data analytics to mine information
There will be truly visionary keynotes, panel debates and roundtable discussions.

Presentations will be delivered by:
• Clinicians and decision makers involved in implementing personalized medicine
• Big Pharma who are tailoring there pharmaceutical products in readiness for the revolution
• Leaders from major Big Data/Bioinformatics Institutions

Academic Package: USD 500,
Pharma/Biotech Package: USD 900,
Vendor Package: USD 1500

Organizer: Health Network Communications Ltd 
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