7th World ADC Summit Berlin - World ADC Berlin: Berlin, Germany, 20-22 February 2017
7th World ADC Summit Berlin - World ADC Berlin

7th World ADC Summit Berlin - World ADC Berlin

Berlin, Germany
20-22 February 2017

The last 12 months has seen a staggering amount of progress in ADCs.

There are now 50+ compounds in the clinic; with approval of Pfizer’s Inotuzumab Ozogamicin expected later this year. Coupled with this, there is a bulging preclinical pipeline of 92 ADCs and counting.

This year’s World ADC Berlin (20-22 February) program has been designed to reflect these progressive innovations developing next-generation ADCs.

Bringing together 49 thought leaders in the ADC field; you will hear their lessons learned, discuss new data and debate your future opportunities.

Gold - conference & 2 workshops: EUR 3497
Silver - conference & 1 workshop: EUR 2998
Bronze - conference only : EUR 2499
Analytical & Bioanalytical day: EUR 1198
Workshops only : EUR 699

Speakers: Ulf Grawunder, Puja Sapra, Yves Baudat, Yves Baudat, Wayne Widdison, Tony Cano, Tok Han, Thomas Wickham, Steve Coats, Sophia Hober, Ron Lin, Robert Xin, Robert Kolakowski, Olivier Marcq, Olivier Heudi, Miro Eigemann, Mary Robinette, Martin Mattarella, Maria Elena Guadagno, Lucia D’Amico, Ling Xu, Kurt Gish, Judy Hsii, John Lambert, Joachim Krueger, Iontcho Vlahov, Guodong Chen, Gary Chen, Donglu Zhang, Dhaval Shah, David Satijn, Damon Meyer, Christoph Rader, Charles Dumontet, Chakrapani Subramanyam, Arnaud Delobel, Anette Sommer, Alain Beck, Dominik Schumacher, Jonas Helma, Justin Mason-Home, Ulrich Storz, Etc.

Organizer: Hanson Wade 
Topic: Antibody Drug Conjugate 
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