3rd DNA Replication/Repair Structures and Cancer Conference, Mexico, 2018: Cancun, Mexico, 11-15 February 2018
3rd DNA Replication/Repair Structures and Cancer Conference, Mexico, 2018

3rd DNA Replication/Repair Structures and Cancer Conference, Mexico, 2018

Cancun, Mexico
11-15 February 2018

The remarkable stability of the human genome is lost in cancer cells due to the failure of efficient and accurate repair in the context of oncogene-induced replication stress and elevated transcription. DNA replication is furthermore emerging as a surprisingly fragile and complex process requiring fork protection and restart, template-switching, R-loop resolution, gap-filling, and repair. Unresolved replication and repair intermediates signal apoptosis. The synthetic lethality and essentiality resulting from replication-repair stresses thus suggest repair inhibitors as tools to control pathway selection and damage outcomes and to design advanced therapeutics.

The meeting will focus on structural and mechanistic insights into dynamic protein, chromatin, DNA and RNA complexes acting in DNA replication and repair events relevant to cancer. Conference talks and discussions will center on developing an actionable mechanistic knowledge of DNA replication and repair stress responses suitable to guide advanced intervention strategies for cancer. The conference will emphasize an environment suitable for initiating productive collaborations. It will include vibrant informal and formal discussions together with informative talks and poster sessions.

Time: 2:00 pm - 12:00 pm


Academic from: USD 1779.00
Industry from: USD 1779.00
Student from: USD 1451.00


Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/154651-1

Speakers: John Tainer (LBL and MD Anderson Cancer Centre), Tom Blundell (University of Cambridge), Steve Jackson (University of Cambridge), Bruce Stillman (CSHL)

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